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asics gt 2000

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The Nimbus 15 feel like I'm walking on asics shoes cushions and the fit is perfect  best I've ever worn. Im disappointed i didn't find these years ago and never really thinking about what I'm wearing. There is a Asics outlet close to Nike as well where i brought the Nimbus 15 from and i tried a few others Asics models just to see what they were like and non felt as good as the Nimbus 15. I just order a second pair of Nimbus 15 off eBay for under $80& still interested in others but they have to be something special to beat the Nimbus 15. Ill try Nimbus 17 when i get a chance. Thanks for your recommendations.Hi, I'm totally at a loss right now& I need new shoes but I have no idea which. I have a serious case of heel spur, for years now. So& I dont' run, but I use running shoes as my  normal' shoes (they gotten used to that at work by now).

I have been wearing the Asics Gel Kayano 19. Last summer I bought some Nikes on a sale but that asics kayano didn't go well so I chucked them out and went back to my asics. They're sort of dead now I think, after 2 years of almost continued use but after my Nike- failure I am sort of reluctant to buy new ones to discover it's not working. I have over-pronation (I think it's called) and very instable ankles (I'm asian, so it's all a asics gel kayano bit loose). I have special soles which I put in my shoes and both my physio foottherapist (podotherapist) have told me to get shoes with firm grip for my heel good cushioning. I have quite a wide foot (front/toe side), but relatively not-wide (I wouldn't use slim) heel high arch. Well& there you go& I'm desperate& what would you recommend? Gel kayano 21?

Hi, great review. I am a 34 male, 175 lbs, and pretty fit, but I have huge feet problems. They have recently stopped hurting, almost a year, after running once outside with the 5 finger vibrant shoes. Recently, I ran outside using normal running shoes, probably, 4 years old. My left foot was in pain for 3 days, between ball of my foot and asics gt 2000 the heel, though the heels and balls of my feet hurt to if I walk for too long or run. I am looking for new shoes, would you recommend these Asics or something with huge cushioning like the NB 1080? Thanks.From discussions with friends and what I've read on the web, I should go for either the Asics Nimbus 17 or the New Balance 1080v5. Do you have a preference or suggestion as to which one I should go with? Furthermore, I am a size 11.5 in the Nike Pegasus 31, what will that mean for the other shoes? Thank you.

I'm actually stunned the Nimbus 17 got such a relatively low rating. I bought the GT-1000 3 (which you rated higher) and it was an awful shoe. The GT's heel counter was nonexistent which meant there was terrible heel slippage despite numerous re-lacing methods used. The Nimbus 17 fixed this and it's now my everyday commuter run/work shoe  the black color is neutral enough so that it doesn't stand out like a clown in a professional environment. I think the Nimbus 17 is better than the Kayano 20, which you gave your highest score for an Asics shoe. I had worn numerous minimalist shoes for many years and my acquired forefoot strike is better suited for the Nimbus 17 than the other Asics shoes.

And as this article states, for any type of performance running, forget it! You might could use them for walking on a treadmill but that's about it. I have never, ever had a shoe cause me so many serious problems, so much so that they hurt even to walk on if you're over 200 pounds and I don't even to donate asics tiger them to the homeless. Seriously folks, I'm stocking up on the discontinued GN16 and buying several pairs as we speak while there's still some left in warehouses, then switching brands when they wear out. If you buy into the hype and marketing and purchase the GN17, be prepared for your body to hate you and your wallet to regret it. Get your act together Asics!!!I did buy the Vomero 10 and the Asics Kayano 22. While the Kayano really feels good to walk around in, when I run in it Obrazek it seems the cushioning bottoms out (my weight 182lb).

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